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Vikki Mount

Tips to Families participating in Fundraiser Portrait Sessions

    a) An adult (18+) and a minimum of 2 people must appear in the fundraiser (first pose).
    b) No one person - man, woman or child - can appear in more than one fundraiser.
    NOTE: - You may break both these rules if you assure me you plan to purchase your entire portrait package.
  2. ARRIVAL TIME Try to arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment to allow for last minute adjustments of hair, clothing, make-up and to fill in paperwork. Those who arrive later than their appointed time run the risk of either losing their spot or not getting their full ten minutes. Refunds are not available if you fail to keep your appointment, as this is a fundraiser for your organisation.
  3. AMOUNT OF POSES TAKEN IN YOUR SESSION During your sitting there are three poses to give you the opportunity to purchase extras at a very economical price - great for presents. Although your first pose (the fundraiser) has the rules as listed above (1), in the second and third pose you’re allowed to have whomever you like. The usual suggested three poses are: -
    a) family b) kids c) parents, but you may wish to use the second and third pose to include grandparents, grandkids, friends, aunties, uncles, cousins, extended families, other relatives doing a fundraiser etc.
  4. YOUR PORTRAIT PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 28 portraits competitively priced at $170. If you choose to purchase your entire package I will provide a CD of all shots taken including enhanced images (Adobe Photoshop images) at no extra charge and a bonus 10” x 13” portrait of your 2nd pose!
  5. ADDITIONAL POSES are also available if three poses are not sufficient and only cost $30.00 per pose. This gives you a total of nine extra portraits - great value but only if bought in addition to the $170 package. Talk to me about this on the day. It is important to let your coordinator know if you intend having more than one additional pose so, if possible, more photography time can be allocated to your family. IMPORTANT: - This extra $30.00 is payable on the shoot date and is non refundable due to the extra printing costs involved but it will be deducted from the total cost if you buy all your portraits on the viewing day.
  6. LARGE FAMILY GROUPS of 8 people or more would also be advised to tell your Coordinator so that, if possible, more time may be allocated. It is worth noting that up to 16 average sized people can be accommodated in a shot (more if this includes babies and small children). Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity for extended family portraits - again just tell your Coordinator
  7. MAKING MEMORIES - Family portraits are meant to be fun and make great mementos for future generations. They don’t necessarily have to be stiff and formal. In the past I have achieved outstanding results with families who dress in sport clothes, traditional dress of their country of origin, guide or scout uniforms. At Xmas, some families dress up in festive clothes, even Santa hats - great Xmas presents! Don’t forget your child’s favourite toy - that much loved doll or teddy may not last forever so capture it on film! These are your portraits so be as creative with clothing and small props as you like. Again, there’s no obligation to buy.
    NOTE: If permitted on the premises, you can even include well-behaved pets in your portrait.
    The colours that are most flattering are bright colours such as red, yellow, aqua, turquoise, light purple, hot pink, bright orange etc. Contrasts work best. For example, combine red, orange, white or pink with contrasts of aqua, turquoise, purple, black, navy or denim.
    When can dark colours be dangerous?
    * When the whole family is dressed in dark colours their bodies can appear to blend into each other in the portrait.
    * When mum or dad is wearing black and they have a child with dark hair. The child’s hair can blend right in with the outfit.
    * Pale skinned people can appear washed out. This can also happen with too much white.
    Patterns - Try to avoid too many different patterns, as they can look a little busy. The best idea is to simply arrange all of the clothes that the family is planning to wear on a bed beforehand and see how they look together. If you go with complimentary contrasts, limit the blacks and the whites, and have a variety of shades of colour, you should be fine for both colour and black and white portraits.